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Susannah Sanghera

Property Consultant



I relocated from Birmingham to Nottingham in 1998 for university before moving to London in 2001 to begin my career in property. I relocated back to Birmingham in 2015 and have 16 years experience within the residential market and property management.


My dream home

A penthouse apartment near the marina in Dubai.


I last went the extra mile when

Staying an hour late after work to ensure a tenant could gain access to their apartment after losing their keys


The most honest advice I’ve ever given

Dealing with landlords and tenants on a daily basis can get stressful as you’re the point of contact between both parties. I always make sure disagreements never get too heated by reminding my clients to speak to others as they would like to be spoken to themselves.


One of the best reasons to live in Birmingham is

The perception of the city centre to outsiders against the reality is quite remarkable. There is so much going on from the city core around New Street Station, Brindley Place around the canals, as well as the Jewellery Quarter with its beautiful buildings offering a lot of character as well as a very welcoming neighbourhood.


When I was last professional

Securing a landlord a 24 month contract extension with a tenant who was hoping to keep their tenancy on a periodic. The deal worked best for all parties as the landlord secured a stable income for the next 2 years and the tenant no longer had to worry about being served notice.


When I was last respectful

You have to be respectful to all of your clients otherwise you would never have a happy customer!


When I was last enthusiastic

Helping a landlord to completely refurbish his flat. The results were fantastic and lead to the landlord achieving a big hike in his rental income.


When I was last proactive

We had a leak at a top floor apartment and I had the foresight to warn the apartments below so they were fully aware of the situation.