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Polly Lewis

Property Manager



I started working in Property Management in 2011 supporting Property Managers now I am one myself! I have learnt so much in the past 6 years from Block Management and now into the Lettings side of the industry. This again is a fast paced role but I definitely get job satisfaction!


My dream home

After living abroad for 4 years in Dubai/Thailand and Nigeria and understanding different cultures, I would honestly say there is no place like home. I would live somewhere in the countryside with my open fires and lots of animals !


I last went the extra mile when

I helped one of our tenants pack up her belongings when she was vacating the property as the removal van was delayed by 6 hours and she was a young, single mother so assumed she would benefit from my assistance.


The most honest advice I’ve ever given

Always be upfront and honest as it will come back and bite you one day!


One of the best reasons to live in Birmingham is

There are some fantastic restaurants and bars in Birmingham for a great night out. From 10 years ago the diversity now is amazing. On a beautiful Summers what couldn’t be better than sitting by one of the Canals surrounding Birmingham drinking a cold glass of wine watching the world go by.


When I was last professional

I’m always professional and courteous as every aspect of my job role needs me to be, I am dealing with Landlords and Tenants daily.


When I was last respectful

I always believe that you should treat others how you would expect to be treated so I always try to be respectful no matter who I speak to.


When I was last enthusiastic

Dealing with a lot of tenants, Landord’s and contractors can be tedious for some, but an enthusiastic approach to every situation ultimately leads to a better and speedier outcome for all our clients.


When I was last proactive

I’m always keen to look at changing things for the better in my role, to help myself and our customers.