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Melissa Wilson

Lettings Property Consultant



I come from a family who are work in property, so I have a keen interest in this profession and hope to achieve a bigger insight into this here at Maguire Jackson, I love working in the City Centre and the fast pace it moves. I have always had jobs whilst doing my A Levels at school from being a swimming coach to a lifeguard all of these were working alongside the public just like my job here as a letting negotiator, I love meeting new people from across the world!


My dream home

My dream home would be living in either the south of France situated near Monaco looking over the beach, however Dubai is my favourite City in the World and being able to live and work out there would be a dream of mine so I would always love to have an apartment in the heart of Dubai overlooking Jumeirah Beach.


I last went the extra mile when

I always go the extra mile where possible and go out my way to make everyone achieve the best outcome there can be.


The most honest advice I’ve ever given

I try to be honest as much as possible as this is the key for everything to work out the best it can. However, I did book in viewings in which I did not think all the properties would suit the potential tenant so I did tell them and I did show them more properties that suited what they were initially looking for.


One of the best reasons to live in Birmingham is

I love the buzz of the city centre and how you are surrounded by everything you could possibly need from restaurants too shops it’s all there on your doorstep. There is also never a dull moment in the city especially in the heart by new street station.


When I was last professional

I am always professional as I am always dealing with tenants and landlords on a daily basis and I feel first impressions always count so being professional every day is the key, manners always go a long way!


When I was last respectful

You always have to be respectful towards everything and everyone and the team at Maguire Jackson are always looking to achieve this!


When I was last enthusiastic

All the time I am enthusiastic, it creates a happy atmosphere after all the buzz of the city makes you enthusiastic about everything!!


When I was last proactive

I try to aim to be proactive every day to keep the process of people moving into their new homes as smooth as possible and as a team with all our ideas these changes are always happing! It’s the key to making opportunities grow!