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Emma Pugh

Property Consultant



Born and bred in Birmingham, for 13 years I was a General Manager of bars and restaurants, working in busy fast paced environments. Looking for a change in career I became a Business Development Manager for a maintenance company in Birmingham then moved across to work in Property Management within Estate agents looking after residential landlords and tenants.


My dream home

I would absolutely love a house built on stilts in the crystal clear blue sea somewhere in the Maldives overlooking sandy beaches with it’s own outside bar with stools sitting in the water….. Not sure they’ve built my dream home yet?!


I last went the extra mile when

I will always try to go that extra mile for people as I’d like to think others would do the same for me. We often must go the extra mile in property management and think outside the box to try and find solutions for any property issues that arise. I stayed behind after work until I could find suitable accommodation for a tenant that had come home after work to find an issue with the apartment that meant the property wasn’t safe or secure.


The most honest advice I’ve ever given

I always give honest advice, I don’t see how giving false advice will ever help anyone.


One of the best reasons to live in Birmingham is

Birmingham has so much currently happening it’s redevelopment is growing its economy and strengthening its position on the international stage. We have more canals than Venice, beautiful buildings and architecture, top restaurants and shopping centres and because of its central location, Birmingham is a major transport hub on the motorway, rail and canal networks and the city is only 6 miles from Birmingham Airport. The city really does have something for everyone.


When I was last professional

I believe that you should always stay professional in your role.


When I was last respectful

I will always speak to tenants, landlords or contractors in a way in which I would wish to be spoken. The world would be a better place if people remembered to speak and act respectfully towards each other. In property management, you need to be respectful towards people even when they sometimes call in a panic over an issue and they may raise their voices, a lot of the time it’s the panic of an issue arising. Most will often apologise once you have been able to talk to them calmly and help them.


When I was last enthusiastic

I recently worked with a landlord to ensure we had his properties all up to scratch with decorating and refurbishing them. It was great to get furniture packs sorted at the best prices and really turn the properties into stunning rentals. The properties were a huge success on the market and it was great to hear the feedback from the landlord and tenants.


When I was last proactive

The block management company had made me aware of an issue of a leak. This could’ve potentially caused issues for some of our tenants in the apartments. I went out to the development and contacted all the tenants of the apartments we managed to get authorisation to enter their properties to check if their property had been effected instead of waiting for them to get home at the end of the day, discover any issues then have to contact us. We only had one apartment effected but it meant we could get the contractor out that day and fix the probably before the tenant had finished work.