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Alice Wright

Property Consultant



Having taken an Apprenticeship at an Estate Agents outside of Birmingham I am now quickly learning the detail of the City Centre and enjoying the faster pace.


My dream home

I have the quintessential Brit-abroad taste so probably something like rural Italy or Southern France, in an open plan villa with good restaurants nearby. Mixing it up and giving a different answer would probably lead me to say a safari lodge in the wilderness of Kruger National Park but I could settle for a Kensington apartment – what a question!


I last went the extra mile when

Earlier this year, a London couple were relocating into a nice apartment in the Jewellery Quarter. Having come from the New Street station in the rain to sign and pick up the keys so also had all their belongings & baggage with them. To save them walking further in the bad weather I immediately took them in the company car to their new flat with their bags and was pleased to help plus give them ideas of what they could do in Birmingham and where they could find things locally.


The most honest advice I’ve ever given

A colleague advised that the key to maintaining relationships is being honest all of the time. Honesty is the foundation for trust, you cannot have one without the other.


One of the best reasons to live in Birmingham is

I think it has been coming up and up in the recent years and the buzz is picking up by the day.


When I was last professional

Professionalism is about consistency of quality which is the crux of the question so invariably I try to be consistently try to be helpful and positive.


When I was last respectful

As with my team we look to be respectful all the time.


When I was last enthusiastic

Tous les temps.


When I was last proactive

Recently I have been suggesting ways of further improving the processes of moving people in their apartments. It is already a speedy process but we are making changes!. So far so good!