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Jade Blick

Lettings Agency Manager



I began my career in Lettings in 2013, I trained as an Office Co-ordinator then as a Lettings Negotiator shortly after. I love working in the City and meeting people from all over the world.


My dream home

My dream home would be somewhere hot, close to a white sandy beach and clear blue sea.


I last went the extra mile when

A tenant who was a doctor on call, he had an emergency to respond to but got locked in the communal entrance of his apartment. The spare keys were based in another office so I called around to find a staff member close enough to get over to him as soon as possible, we managed to open the door within 10 minutes. He was very grateful for my quick thinking.


The most honest advice I’ve ever given

I booked a couple to view a property they had enquired about, I had reservations it may not be suitable for them but they were keen to view anyway. I also took keys for a second property I felt would be perfect for them, they ended up moving into the second one instead.  


One of the best reasons to live in Birmingham is

There are so many places to visit in Birmingham, you have everything you could want on your doorstep.


When I was last professional

I always try to be professional. Communication and customer service are so important to me, I believe this is a huge part of being professional.


When I was last respectful

I am always respectful, I believe you should treat everybody how you would like to be treated.


When I was last enthusiastic

I love matching people to their perfect property, this drives my enthusiasm. There’s no better feeling than helping somebody along their journey, how could you not be enthusiastic.


When I was last proactive

I always try to be proactive, I don’t believe anything worth having comes without a little hard work.