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Property For Pensions. How?

Step One;

The first step is to contact the office by e-mail or phone to discuss the opportunities & perhaps arranging a meeting regarding the best structure of any possible deal. There is no charge or obligation for the Property for Pension time. We may recommend other professionals such as financial advisors & lawyers if these are needed.

Step Two;

The second step is to ask Property for Pensions to commence the search that fits the instruction, being of a certain size, certain risk profile, fulfilling yield patterns sought ,with or without current income, being residential or if necessary in certain locations. This criteria can follow the meetings with the Property for Pensions team

Step Three;

The third step is to arrange some viewings & to secure the property offered. The Property for Pensions advisor can give advice regarding recommending other professionals needed at this time including Valuation (& Structural Surveyors if needed) plus recommended Conveyance Solicitors. We act for the vendors in the sales and the properties will invariably be listed on the Maguire Jackson web site so you will invariably be competing against first & second time buyers looking for their own occupation plus other investors in the market. Long term you want demand from other buyers and owner occupiers as this drives prices.

Step Four;

The final step at this stage having secured the property, taking advice from the Property for Pensions team regarding furnishing (if necessary)is to instruct the Lettings team to seek a tenant. if the property is vacant this can be put underway at the outset so tenants are ready to occupy within moments of completion.
Where Property for Pensions manage the property we will not only be collecting the rent but also reporting regularly with advice with the aim being to ensure the property is fully occupied & ideally gaining in capital value. With your instructions we can obtain a minimum spend allowance which will allow us to easily fix those minor tenant complaints ,such as leaky taps without bothering you


Philip Jackson

With the number of tower cranes being counted, rising across the City centre, Birmingham is certainly looking like a City changing shape. The relocation of new staff inwards also continues apace, filling the bigger accounting banking & legal firms with new professionals and those already here are putting down more roots ,with the owner occupy market demand stiffening for well-located lofts and apartments.