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Our Offices

Convention Quarter

Maguire Jackson - Liberty Place,
Sheepcote Street,
Birmingham B16 8JZ

City Core

Maguire Jackson
26 Waterfront Walk
Birmingham B1 1SR

Jewellery Quarter

Maguire Jackson
33 George Street
Birmingham B3 1QG

Registered Office

Maguire Jackson Limited
13-15 Regent Street


F: 0121 634 1525
T: 0121 634 1520

Company No. 05124751

Residential Sales

Please call Lee Astle
0121 634 1520

Residential Lettings

Please call Jade Blick
0121 634 1520

New Homes & Development

Please call Lisa Hunt
0121 634 1523


Please call Philip Jackson
0121 634 1520


Philip Jackson

Make, the Ken Shuttleworth leading international firm of architects recently reported that whilst studying their likely marketplace for an edge of City Centre quality residential scheme in Mumbai identified an audience of increasing numbers of a type of City dweller, a group we too have identified here in Birmingham.