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The Maguire Jackson Sales Team – professional knowledge about property to buy in Birmingham

The Maguire Jackson Sales Team collectively bring many years of dedicated experience in property sales to present the best property to buy in Birmingham.

The three members of the Sales Team are highly focussed and have combined experience of estate agency across the UK and West Midlands and now concentrate on city centre apartments in Birmingham and other property to buy in the city.

Property boom, not gloom

The Sales Team keep their fingers on the pulse of developments and property sales in Birmingham. The market for property and apartments to buy in Birmingham city centre is very strong, despite national predictions of property price falls.


Market Knowledge

Focussing mainly on city centre properties, the Sales Team have gained a wealth of market knowledge that enables them to advise clients with authority about current values of property to buy in Birmingham. A fair appraisal of a property’s value is more likely to ensure a speedy sale and the Sales Team can also advise about presentation in order to achieve the best sale result.


How the Sales Team works

Whilst the Head of Sales carries our valuations, takes new instructions, talks to sellers and developers in order to create an outstanding portfolio of Birmingham properties to buy, other Sales Team members negotiate with clients to agree deals and take them through to completion.


Working with Clients

The Sales Team put their clients first. A relationship is created with each individual which will continue throughout the transaction, providing support and advice. The Sales Team will if necessary explain how the property purchase process works, including the role of bankers, solicitors and the legal process.


First time Buyers

The Sales Team will help first time buyers to find their ideal property to buy in Birmingham. Through their contacts with experienced mortgage brokers, they can assist a first time buyer to arrange a mortgage on their new property, obtaining a deal they might otherwise be unable to find.


Deals on Property to buy in Birmingham

Some areas of the city are categorised in such a way that they attract a higher threshold of stamp duty than the standard rate for similar properties to buy in Birmingham. Maguire Jackson’s Sales Team’s specialist knowledge of the property market in Birmingham gives them the ability to promote property in these areas to their clients, and deliver some outstanding deals. Ask the Head of Sales for more information.



Philip Jackson

This forthcoming year ahead promises undoubted uncertainty in abundance early in the year, yet surprisingly increased opportunities for those taking a medium or longer term view on Birmingham, being a key UK City for the future.