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Adam Rogers

Property Consultant



After completing my studies I spent 2 years of working within the London property market. I've been with Maguire Jackson since 2014 and relishing being part of this energetic and forward thinking team.


My dream home

A villa in the Algarve with a private pool overlooking the Atlantic and backing onto a golf course.


I last went the extra mile when

I came in on my Sunday off to show a buyer round their dream home. Needless to say they were thankful for the service and we still keep in touch to this day.


The most honest advice I’ve ever given

With the surge in demand in all areas of Birmingham prices are on the rise and encouraging buyers to take the plunge before they are outpriced of their dream home..


One of the best reasons to live in Birmingham is

The diversity of different areas and the properties that come with it. No two streets are the same which gives each individual area its own identity and character. Each development is unique in its own right so there’s something suitable for everyone!


When I was last professional

When a vendors dog chewed up one of my shoes as I was showing a couple around a flat. Even though there were numerous holes in the shoe I pretended as if nothing was wrong and showed the buyers out. To this day I'm unsure if they noticed or not!


When I was last respectful

Everyday - I always make a conscious approach to being polite, well-mannered and pleasant.


When I was last enthusiastic

When I was told we had been given a new build of 150 units to sell, the more properties the better!


When I was last proactive

I always try to be proactive in everything I do. Going the extra mile and putting in the extra effort really does have its rewards when handing the keys over to a new home owner.