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Kathryn Molloy

Commercial Director



I relocated from Ireland to Manchester in 2004 for university before moving to Birmingham in 2007 to complete my masters. I have worked in agency for 10 years in both residential and commercial in the UK and Ireland.


My dream home

A villa on the beach in St Kitts.  


I last went the extra mile when

Meeting with some overseas clients over the Easter holiday break as they were only in town for the weekend and had being referred to me by a client.


The most honest advice I’ve ever given

I am always honest with our clients as this is what I would expect to receive myself but one that happens quite often is advising first time buyers to look at other properties in the market before making their decision even if it does not always result in a sale for the company.


One of the best reasons to live in Birmingham is

The general vibe.  The city has so much more to it than outsiders are led to believe.


When I was last professional

This afternoon giving advice to a client on a potential development within the Jewellery Quarter.


When I was last respectful

I always aim to be respectful to our clients as I think it is essential to treat people the way you would like to be treated no matter what.


When I was last enthusiastic

I am always enthusiastic but especially when it comes to development. I love to get my teeth into projects!


When I was last proactive

Introducing a purchaser to an apartment that was not on the market but following a comment on his criteria I knew it was ideal for him and he subsequently agreed a purchase on it.