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Home Information Pack Index

The HIP Index is a list of the documents contained in the Pack. This provides a useful checklist for sellers, buyers, estate agents and enforcement authorities.

If a document that must legally be included in the HIP for a property for sale is unavailable, the Index must say so. It must also give the reason it is missing, and explain what steps are being taken to obtain it.

If documents are added to or removed from the HIP at a later stage, the Index must be revised to show this.

A suggested form for the Home Information Pack Index is available on the government’s Home Information Pack Publications page


Philip Jackson

I recently took a short holiday to California, to stay with American friends. Whilst there I was able to discuss with one of their immediate neighbours, who I knew was a successful local Real Estate broker, how she secured her fees .I wanted to know why both seller & buyer seemed content to pay the markedly higher commission rates than we see here.