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HIPs - Evidence of Title

These are compulsory documents in the HIP. They prove that the seller owns the property for sale and therefore has the right to sell it.

Evidence of Title – Registered Property

If the property being sold is registered, certain documents that are available on request from the Land Registry must be included in the Home Information Pack. These provide an up-to-date official record of who owns the land, and consist of:

  • Official copies of the individual register (made up of a property register, proprietorship register and, typically, a charges register)
  • An official copy of the title plan

  • In the case of the sale of a commonhold interest, official copies of the register and title plan should be produced for both the unit and common parts. The Land Registry has details of additional requirements for sales of commonhold properties.


    Evidence of Title – Unregistered Property

    For sales of unregistered land, the Home Information Pack must include copies of a certificate of an official search of the index map (obtained from the Land Registry).

    The HIP must also contain the documents that the seller intends to rely on to provide evidence of title to the property, and therefore the right to sell it.

    More details about Evidence of title can be found on the Government’s HIP information website.


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