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HIPs - Standard Searches

Standard Searches are compulsory documents in a Home Information Pack.


These are the Searches HIPs must include:

  • The local land charges register relating to the property for sale. Once a search is completed, which can be carried out by a personal search company or a local authority, you will receive an official search certificate.
  • Other records held by the local authority on matters of interest to buyers, such as planning decisions and road building proposals. These are referred to as local enquiries in the Home Information Pack regulations. A local authority or a personal search company can be used.
  • The provision of drainage and water services to the property. The local water company or a personal search company can be used (however, the search must comply with the HIP Regulations).

  • More information about Standard Searches can be found on the Government’s HIP information website.


    Philip Jackson

    Make, the Ken Shuttleworth leading international firm of architects recently reported that whilst studying their likely marketplace for an edge of City Centre quality residential scheme in Mumbai identified an audience of increasing numbers of a type of City dweller, a group we too have identified here in Birmingham.