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Philip Jackson




After studying Valuation & Estate Management in BristoI, I worked for nine years with Hampton & Sons in Piccadilly selling prime London and overseas properties including spending some time in Hong Kong. I moved to run Mayfair sales for Chestertons for several years before setting up the residential department for fast-growing, city fringe specialists Stirling Ackroyd, who I brought into Birmingham in 1998. Maguire Jackson was born in 2004. That’s 35 years to date in agency!


My dream home

I'm a classic agent in that my eyes are bigger than my budget but given the choice I would choose a detached villa overlooking the harbour in Mahon Minorca.


I last went the extra mile when

I always try to go the extra mile and encourage my team to do the same. You can always reach me on email or text.


The most honest advice I’ve ever given

I always give honest advice. Advising vendors to hold off selling because there are things about to happen locally which may positively affect their price is something I am always pleased to give.


One of the best reasons to live in Birmingham is

It is a big friendly city with lots going on in such a great central location. The fact that so many incomers put down roots here says it all.


When I was last professional

I always try to be professional and acknowledge that many agents are after short term gains which don’t alw ays help the vendors and landlords.


When I was last respectful

You never forget how someone makes you feel so I’m always respectful. I remember being dismissed by agents when I was much younger and searching for a property because my budget wasn’t large enough. I hope no potential applicant is ever treated that way by us because budgets tend to get larger over time and we want you back!


When I was last enthusiastic

There is so much potential here. How can you not be enthusiastic about Birmingham and property here.


When I was last proactive

Proactivity is part of everyday good agency and I encourage all the team here to think outside of the box to help vendors and Landlords