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Victoria Rose

Accounts Manager



Over 20 years accounting experience in both London and Birmingham property sector.  AAT Qualified.


My dream home

A pretty cottage in a quaint village in rural Oxfordshire within a 15-minute train ride of Oxford – a truly historic British city loaded with culture - and also 10 minutes away from beautiful Woodstock - home to the famous Blenheim Palace


I last went the extra mile when

When I took my lap top on holiday to check the daily banking and make some important payments, this was rewarded as my boss bought me and partner a nice lunch whilst I was away.!


The most honest advice I’ve ever given

I tend not to deal with customers but I wouldn’t be here unless I was honest with the numbers.  


One of the best reasons to live in Birmingham is

Birmingham is very underestimated.  People are interesting and friendly, great shopping, culture and music.


When I was last professional

Always ensuring you do your upmost to be polite with people even when your head’s deep into figures but everyone else is tied up so I’ll then do my best to help anyone who’s popping into the office.


When I was last respectful

When one our clients sadly passed away and his wife needed some important information ASAP this was handled with top priority and with the greatest respect.


When I was last enthusiastic

Did I tell you about the laptop on holiday?  I wouldn’t say I was exactly enthusiastic but it perhaps shows you how committed I am to keeping us on an even financial keel.


When I was last proactive

Working around the clock to ensure an important landlord got some accounts  information that they needed a little earlier than they’d anticipated.