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The risks associated with investment properties are those associated with the property being invariably empty, whilst one awaits a tenancy or between tenancies. These include the obvious on going finance , Service Charge & Ground Rent costs (if applicable) but also the on going internal maintenance costs & Council Tax.

For residential properties the landlord is responsible for the ongoing Block insurance , Service Charge & Ground Rent costs & the tenant is responsible for the Council Tax & Utility bills

Property for Pensions is geared to offering properties which should achieve shorter than average voids between tenancies. This can be achieved by good advice at the outset regarding properties sought by the lettings market , & good management such that the properties are offered back to let the moment the tenants give notice .


Philip Jackson

Make, the Ken Shuttleworth leading international firm of architects recently reported that whilst studying their likely marketplace for an edge of City Centre quality residential scheme in Mumbai identified an audience of increasing numbers of a type of City dweller, a group we too have identified here in Birmingham.